December 17, 2020
North Carolina Railroad Company Completes Construction on New Railroad Bridge
Crabtree Creek Bridge

Construction replacing a nearly 100-year-old railroad bridge in Morrisville is complete. The new Crabtree Creek Bridge allows for a future second track to accommodate added freight service as well as future passenger or commuter rail. The project includes the extension of a pedestrian greenway under the bridge, connecting Morrisville and Cary’s greenway systems.

NCRR partnered with the Town of Morrisville to construct the new railroad bridge over Crabtree Creek, replacing a structure built in 1927. NCRR invested $8.7 million in the $9.8 million project, with the Town of Morrisville investing the remaining amount.

“The construction of a new bridge that accommodates future growth of freight and passenger service, while also connecting two major greenway routes in the Triangle is a win-win for all involved,” says NCRR President and CEO, Carl Warren.  “As we look ahead, we understand that mobility, whether by rail or other means, is incredibly important and we are proud to have partnered with Morrisville on this forward-thinking project.”

“This was an important project for the Town of Morrisville. Our partnership with North Carolina Railroad allowed us to connect our greenway system with Cary’s and rebuild an aging bridge,” says Morrisville Assistant Town Manager Brandon Zuidema. “Our Town is no longer dissected for pedestrians and bicyclists. This connection creates an east-west greenway corridor border to border through Morrisville.”

The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

Big news! 2022 was a record-breaking year for passenger rail in NC. Trains carried a record 522.5k people, surpassing the pre-pandemic record from 2014 of 481.5k travelers. We're excited to see more people using such a great resource in our state!

Today is NCRR Charter day. Our charter, signed in 1849, outlined a need to connect the state from "east to west." We're proud to say our 317-mile rail corridor helps move people and freight east to west AND north to south. Don't worry, we'll keep exceeding expectations.

The weight ratio between a car and a soda can is about 4,000 to 1. The weight ratio between the average freight train and an average family-sized car is also 4,000 to 1. When a car hits a soda can, the can is destroyed. Don't be the soda can. #STOPTrackTragedies

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