March 11, 2021
North Carolina Railroad Company CFO Announces Retirement

North Carolina Railroad Company Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Dan Halloran announced plans to retire effective February 1.  Mr. Halloran served as CFO for 20 years and was one of the earliest employees of the Company.

“NCRR was created to encourage growth and economic development and during my 20 years with the Company, I’ve kept that mission top of mind,” stated Halloran.  “I feel confident that the Company is well-positioned to continue to build on its mission of economic development and enter a new phase of growth.”

Mr. Halloran joined the NCRR team in 2000 and during his tenure at NCRR he worked with leadership to grow the company’s revenue, developed staff, strengthened internal controls and oversaw the finances of one of the state’s most unique and long-standing assets.

“Dan has seen NCRR through some of its most historic moments and it has been a privilege to work with him,” commented President and CEO Carl Warren.  “On behalf of the NCRR Board of Directors and the entire NCRR Team, I want to thank Dan for his leadership and dedication to the Company.  We wish Dan the best as he pursues his future personal and professional interests.”

The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

Big news! 2022 was a record-breaking year for passenger rail in NC. Trains carried a record 522.5k people, surpassing the pre-pandemic record from 2014 of 481.5k travelers. We're excited to see more people using such a great resource in our state!

Today is NCRR Charter day. Our charter, signed in 1849, outlined a need to connect the state from "east to west." We're proud to say our 317-mile rail corridor helps move people and freight east to west AND north to south. Don't worry, we'll keep exceeding expectations.

The weight ratio between a car and a soda can is about 4,000 to 1. The weight ratio between the average freight train and an average family-sized car is also 4,000 to 1. When a car hits a soda can, the can is destroyed. Don't be the soda can. #STOPTrackTragedies

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