The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

NCRR’s role in NC’s future

In 1989, NCRR merged w/ Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad. Chartered in 1854, the A&NCRR, linked Shepard’s Point (Morehead City) with the NCRR terminus in Goldsboro. The merger consolidated the two railroads into the 317-mile NCRR corridor. Photo: A&NCRR locomotive engine 103.

North Carolina is home to 3,000 miles of railroad. Check out our interactive map that shows the NCRR corridor, and other Class I and regional freight routes, as well as passenger routes.

The RR bridge over Gregson St. in Durham, often referred to as, "11-foot-8" and "Can Opener" bridge is now eight inches taller. NCRR invested $500,000 to raise the bridge to 12'4", providing additional clearance for vehicles. Learn more,

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