How Does NCRR Invest in North Carolina?

There are more than 100 employers that depend on NCRR to conduct business. We continue to improve rail infrastructure and increase capacity to serve those businesses and to attract new and expanding industry to our state. The North Carolina Railroad Company Board of Directors has committed $110 million to future economic development and infrastructure improvements.

The North Carolina Railroad was created for the purpose of economic development and we continue to build on that foundation by making targeted investments in the rail infrastructure needs of business and industry and through select investments in large-scale sites (sometimes referred to as megasites) that promise transformational job growth for our state.

Economic Development

Investments in infrastructure are a key component for the long-term growth and sustained economic competitiveness of the State of North Carolina.

Infrastructure Improvements

A critical role of the North Carolina Railroad Company is its longstanding infrastructure improvement program, including strategic investments in safety improvements, bridges, sidings, double tracking and additional infrastructure to attract business.

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