August 15, 2018
Improvements to North Carolina Railroad in High Point are Complete
Completed railroad drainage and infrastructure improvements in High Point

Infrastructure investments along a portion of the North Carolina Railroad line in High Point are complete.  In January 2018, The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) and the City of High Point partnered on improvements to the railroad corridor and drainage in downtown High Point totaling $5.1 million. The North Carolina Railroad funded $3.6 million of the total cost.  The rail corridor improvements concluded in July 2018.

During the 1930s, the railroad tracks in downtown High Point were lowered to eliminate at-grade crossings and to increase efficiencies on both the roadways and the railroad. Over time, the slopes along the railroad have eroded due to rainfall and storm drainage. The project includes slope and track bed improvements to address drainage and appearance issues.

High Point slopes before and after.
The NCRR line through downtown High Point is located within a cut below street level and includes a number of bridges crossing above the tracks. NCRR is partnering with the City and Norfolk Southern on improvements to the railroad slopes and the storm water drainage on adjacent streets.

“More than 40 Norfolk Southern freight trains and Amtrak trains run through High Point each day, moving North Carolina’s economy via the North Carolina Railroad,” says Saylor. “We are committed to working with community, state and business partners as we plan for long-term freight and passenger growth, and making investments to ensure our rail infrastructure will continue to meet the needs of business and industry and result in job growth for North Carolina.”

“The City of High Point enjoys a good working relationship with the North Carolina Railroad,” says Keith Pugh, Engineering Services Director for the City of High Point. “We are excited to collaborate on this project which will benefit both our City and NCRR. We look forward to exploring additional opportunities where we can work together to improve the community we serve.”

More than 11 million tons of freight traffic is carried on the 317-mile North Carolina Railroad annually. In order to ensure the railroad is at peak condition to meet current and future rail capacity needs, the Company continues its long standing infrastructure investments. By the close of 2019, we will have made $114 million in improvements and upgrades on the railroad line.

The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

NCRR’s role in NC’s future

NCRR's history is rooted in economic development, and we continue that mission by making strategic investments in rail infrastructure to assist in the recruitment and retention of rail-served business and industry.

In 1989, NCRR merged w/ Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad. Chartered in 1854, the A&NCRR, linked Shepard’s Point (Morehead City) with the NCRR terminus in Goldsboro. The merger consolidated the two railroads into the 317-mile NCRR corridor. Photo: A&NCRR locomotive engine 103.

North Carolina is home to 3,000 miles of railroad. Check out our interactive map that shows the NCRR corridor, and other Class I and regional freight routes, as well as passenger routes.

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