Gaining Access to the Corridor

The North Carolina Railroad Company recognizes the importance of regulating and maintaining the 317-mile, 200-foot-wide corridor to ensure appropriate and safe use. At any time, additional tracks and infrastructure could be installed within the corridor to increase passenger and freight rail capacity. NCRR encourages Best Practices for Surveyors, Contractors, and Adjacent Property Owners. NCRR has a program in place to accommodate those who wish to access certain areas of the corridor for approved uses and the appropriate agreement.

Keeping the Corridor Safe

As North Carolina’s urban and rural populations grow, trains and people meet with increasing frequency. NCRR makes identifying risks and vulnerabilities and minimizing safety hazards along North Carolina’s rail corridors a priority. Visit our Safety page for more information.

Right Of Entry Application

Please follow this link to learn more about the NCRR Right of Entry requirements, fee and to gain access to the application form.

Real Estate Contacts:

Real Estate Asset Manager
Taelor Fields 919.534.0416

Real Estate Representative
Teddi Burnett 919.534.0423

  • Surveyors

    Guidelines and resources for surveyors.

  • Contractors

    Guidelines and procedures regarding the design and construction of projects on the NCRR corridor.

  • Adjacent Property Owners

    Guidelines and information to assist in ensuring railroad boundaries are considered as communities grow.

  • Utilities

    Guidelines and required access forms for utility providers.

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