Raleigh, Boylan Avenue Bridge, 2020

Raleigh’s Boylan Avenue Bridge, which extends over the North Carolina…

Today, the North Carolina Railroad Company announced that Scott Saylor,…

Completed railroad drainage and infrastructure improvements in High Point

Infrastructure investments along a portion of the North Carolina Railroad…

High Point Improvements - Workers place concrete panels for new retaining wall south of Wrenn Avenue

The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) and the City of…

The North Carolina Railroad: Collaborating with Communities and Spurring Economic Growth

NCRR’s role in NC’s future

Raleigh’s Boylan Ave. Bridge extends over NCRR and is often a destination if you want to capture an image of the city’s skyline. But, did you know that the bridge has an interesting history beyond providing a vista for the ever-growing capital city? https://www.ncrr.com/iconic-boylan-avenue-bridge-has-rich-railroad-history/

Many thanks to our essential workforce, including railroad workers. Freight trains remain in service. Remember to always expect a train. #SeeTracksThinkTrain @OL_NC @OLINational https://bit.ly/2YD4aDN

Since 1849, NCRR has worked every day to spur economic growth in NC. We're not stopping now. See how NCRR expands opportunities in our state. https://youtu.be/CXSlk3xNQbs

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