Right of Way and Utility Forms

At North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR), safety is our top priority. All businesses and/or individuals seeking temporary access to NCRR property are required to complete and submit a RIGHT OF ENTRY application — and secure written approval from NCRR prior to proceeding. Many entries on railroad property will also require that a railroad flagman be present onsite if the parties are within 25 feet of a railroad track. The operating railroad, Norfolk Southern, will make a determination if a flagman is required, which is at the expense of the requesting applicant. Your application will be processed most efficiently if you will please send all materials as directed on the following application form:

Click here for NCRR RIGHT OF ENTRY Application If your application is approved, a formal right of entry agreement is required among the parties. Because rights of entry applications and agreements may require a lengthy process, we ask that all requests be submitted to us well in advance of your requested entry date so proper planning can be made.

Available for download in PDF format are NCRR’s engineering specifications and applications for right of way and utility agreements. The files can be viewed with Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have the free Acrobat Reader software, you can download it here from Adobe’s website.

NCR101 – (708k) Specifications for Wire, Conduit and Cable Occupations of North Carolina Railroad Company Property
NCR102 – (1.6mb) Specifications for Pipeline Occupancy of North Carolina Railroad Company Property
NCR103 – (156k) Specific Requirements of North Carolina Railroad Company for Work on its Right of Way
NCRR210– (149k) Application for Cable and/or Wire Occupancy
NCRR220 – (148k) Application for Pipeline Occupancy
NCRR230 – (148k) Pipeline and Wire/conduit/cable Occupancy Application Instructions
NCRR240 – (114k) Wire/Conduit/Cable Occupancy Applicant’s Checklist
NCRR250 – (115k) Pipeline Occupancy Applicant’s Checklist
HN-02 – (152k) 2016 Engineering Fee Schedule

All occupancy agreement applications shall be submitted to HNTB North Carolina, P.C. at the following address:

HNTB North Carolina P.C.
Attn.: Natasha Rodevick Simmons, PE, PTOE
Manager, NCRR Pipe and Wire Occupancy Agreement Process
343 East Six Forks Rd., Ste. 200 Raleigh, NC  27609

For assistance with the application process, please contact Natasha Rodevick Simmons at 919-424-0468.

The HTNB Web site is www.hntb.com. Application forms and other relative materials and information may also be obtained by contacting the NCRR Engineering Department Infrastructure Manager, Justin Madigan, at (919) 954-7601. In many cases, Norfolk Southern Railway will also require certain forms and procedures to be completed prior to initiating any activity within the right of way. NCRR will coordinate the review and approval process.