Improving the railroad for freight and passenger service drives the selection of projects for NCRR’s Capital Investment Program. The strength of the state’s rail transportation infrastructure depends on the quality of rail, the width and height of bridges, the technology in signaling equipment and the capacity of the corridor to serve increasing demands for more trains. NCRR works with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Norfolk Southern Railway and the communities through which it extends to select those projects that will have the most beneficial impact on the state’s economy. To view an interactive map of the North Carolina Railroad Company’s Capital Investment Projects click here.

Elon University pedestrian underpass under construction in February 2010.

Elon University Pedestrian Underpass
The pedestrian underpass at Elon University is intended as a model project. As the university’s facilities have grown through the years, the college expanded on the south side of the North Carolina Railroad corridor. An underpass, along with fences and signage to encourage its use, will provide a safe means of crossing the railroad for the numerous pedestrians within the University community and the Town of Elon.
Cost: $2.5 million (NCRR – $1 million; Elon University $1.5 million)
Status: Completed
Slideshow—Watch the Elon University pedestrian underpass be built.

Restricted Bridge-Clayton
Upgrading this structure eliminates speed restrictions and improves clearance on Highway 70 Business. The previous bridge had been damaged by trucks striking its girders. This bridge span was replaced in a single day, February 6, 2008!
Cost: $889,611
Status: Completed
Slideshow—Watch this railroad bridge be replaced

Several bridges are outdated, with height and weight limitations

NC 54 Bridge-Research Triangle Park
A narrow, outdated bridge was replaced with a double-track structure that will accommodate regional transit needs, increase rail capacity, improve vehicular traffic flow and eliminate substandard clearance. NCRR’s portion of the project is complete, and on budget.
Cost: $5,460,726
Status: Completed

Restricted Bridge-near Burlington
The existing bridge over Highway 87 is restricted for double-stack loads.
Cost: $39,118
Status: Completed

This rail bridge over Old Hwy 70 in Clayton, constructed in the early 1900s, is the oldest existing bridge on the railroad. A new structure will improve the vertical clearance on the highway and allow for increased train speeds.

Bridge Trestle-Batchelder Creek Craven County
A single-track wooden trestle in Craven County needs replacement to accommodate today’s wider, faster, heavier rail cars and to improve access to the port.
Cost: $372,237
Status: Completed

Neuse River Bridge-Johnston County
This 80-year old bridge requires repair and renovations. Its 306-foot through truss span is height restricted. Work will improve clearance.
Cost: $39,118
Status: Completed

Bridge and Grade Separation-Charlotte
Both vehicular and train traffic would flow more smoothly with improvements to the busy Sugar Creek Road area in Charlotte. With heavy freight and passenger train service, this part of the line is under evaluation. The project would be done jointly with other partners.
Cost: Under evaluation
Status: Preliminary Engineering 2007-2008

An Amtrak train crosses the newly completed NCRR rail bridge over Highway 54 in Research Triangle Park. NCDOT will soon widen the road to five lanes as a result.

Eight Bridge Replacements in Lenoir and Craven Counties
This project will replace single track trestle bridges over creeks in Lenoir and Craven County to address settling piers and weight requirements.
Cost: $3,000,000 (50/50 cost share with Norfolk Southern)
Status: Completed

Neuse River Bridge-Lenoir County
Replaced outdated (1905) and flood-damaged bridge to accomodate modern, heavier rail cars.
Cost: $4,900,281
Status: Completed


To view an interactive map of the North Carolina Railroad Company’s Capital Investment Projects click here