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December 15, 2016
Cambro, NCRR, Alamance Chamber Celebrate Completion of Industrial Park Rail Phase I, First Freight Rail Shipment
Left to Right: Eddie Boswell, Chairman, Alamance County Board of Commissioners; Scott Saylor, NCRR President; Argyle Campbell, Cambro Manufacturing President; Arthur Samet, President, Samet Corporation; Mac Stephenson, President, Alamance Chamber; Glendel Stephenson, Mayor of Mebane; Paul Worley, Director, NCDOT Rail Division

Representatives from Cambro Manufacturing, the North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) the Alamance Chamber of Commerce, as well as Alamance County and the City of Mebane, today celebrated the completion of a lead track at the North Carolina Industrial Center (NCIC) and the first freight rail shipment received by the manufacturer of food service equipment.

In 2014, Cambro Manufacturing announced plans to open a new plant in Alamance County, creating 100 new jobs. The plant required a rail spur to deliver raw materials. The 317-mile North Carolina Railroad runs through Alamance County and Mebane and offers Class I rail service via Norfolk Southern. The North Carolina Railroad Company constructed a lead track, which will serve multiple businesses within the industrial park, with the North Carolina Department of Transportation contributing to spur track construction costs.

“The North Carolina Railroad Company is committed to making investments that drive North Carolina’s ability to meet the needs of rail-served industry in our state,” said NCRR President, Scott Saylor. “When Cambro expressed interest in the NCIC and its potential for rail service, we knew that building a lead track would not only serve Cambro, but would also increase opportunities to attract future rail-served industry and create jobs for our state.”

“Rail service will be a great addition to our manufacturing facility in Mebane,” said Cambro Manufacturing President, Argyle Campbell. “It will allow us to streamline the receipt and distribution of raw material throughout the factory.  Thank you Scott Saylor and the North Carolina Railroad Company.”  

“The lead track into NCIC has been a concept only on paper since the days of the Mercedes-Benz project in the early 90s,” said Alamance Chamber President, Mac Williams. “We started talking with NCRR about helping make those ‘lines on paper’ a reality and the timing of the Cambro project presented the opportunity.  This lead track project involves a number of partners and represents the kind of collaborative effort that results in successful economic development.”



The North Carolina Railroad Company is a private corporation whose stock is owned by the State of North Carolina. The Company manages the use of 317 miles of track stretching from Charlotte to the Port of Morehead City.  The Company’s mission is to develop the unique North Carolina Railroad assets for the good of the people of North Carolina, our single shareholder. Our vision is to improve our state by enabling freight to grow business, expanding rail to move people and investing in North Carolina.

About Alamance Chamber

The Alamance Chamber is a membership-based, volunteer-led, nonprofit business association and economic development organization serving Alamance County.

About Cambro Manufacturing

Cambro Manufacturing is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, USA, and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and supplies to the foodservice industry worldwide. For more information about Cambro, visit

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